Friday, 30 December 2011

Album out-takes

Here is a small selection of things we recorded, but didn't put on the last album. Some of them are just silly. One day there might be enough b-sides to make a full album, like Oasis did with The Masterplan, which strangely enough was better than anything they've put out since. Yesterday's scraps trumping today's supposed a-material. Still make money though, don't they? Sadly yes, some people have no imagination.

These recordings are either incomplete, don't do the song justice, are rushed or just rubbish. Make your own mind up, dig your own hole and choose your own adventure.

Sparkly Teeth

Cock Fest

Cloth Bird

Sleepy Song


Shouting Softly

Steeple 1-Up Lizard (OK this is from 2004 so it was never going to make the album but I think it's worth a listen)

Happy trails. What a bonus eh? All those fresh listens for your tiny little virgin ears. Many bands would charge for that --not the Diggers. Fair trade. You give us nothing and we give you music. Why not? If we didn't enjoy making it, we wouldn't make it. Keep your dirty little ears open, because we would like to make some more music for you at some point in the future. Also if you'd care to listen to other fatpie music, we've got a sparkling new Youtube channel, with the intention of uploading EVERYTHING! Subscribe if you want:


William said...

These sound great, guys! I'm glad to see an update on the site at last.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the free musics guys, that shit is top notch. Got something new to get lost in now