Thursday, 28 January 2010


Grape Digging Sharon Fruits - Grappling Head Songs (2010)

Here is our new album. It is free.

  1. Brick Challenge
  2. Pocket Thief
  3. Long Time Dead
  4. Mother's Pies
  5. Rickety Bones
  6. Can Be Gone
  7. Messy Bones
  8. Peace Of Mind
  9. This Warm Stage
  10. Tactical
  11. Slapstick Crime Routine
  12. Pear Tree
  13. Break My Stride
  14. Bloody Nose

The players:
Christian Pickup
David Firth
Jimi Hollis
Callum Whiteley

And appearing via samples:
Adam France
Aussie James
Finbar Mallon
Stuart Pyper

"Grappling Head Songs" album art

Jimi did us some lovely bits of art for the album. Here are some of his offerings:

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Some silly improvs

Here is a video of Crust, Cal and Myself pissing about, having a bit of a jam and making up nonsense songs. Whilst this isn't isn't a very listenable session, with lyrics falling out like a messy piss, it does offer an insight into what it can be like when we are just feeling about for starting points. This is often how our proper songs start out.