Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Lemonade Man

We have a new song and it's called LEMONADE MAN. The song was originally started in 2005 as a reggae song with melodica, but in true Grape Diggers fashion it was left untouched for years. Flash forward to the present day and we start jamming a silly little Jamaican sounding song that has the exact same chords - put the two together and a cool glass of Lemonade Man is ready for the drinking. This song sets two records for us, one as the grape diggers song with the most collaborators on it (5) and the second being the longest a partially recorded song has ever been left before being finished.

Finbar - Melodica, Lead Guitar
Firth - Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Synth
Crust - Vocals
Callum - Djembe
Warren - Steel Drum

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