Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Flower Festival whole album for download.

The first proper recording we did as the Grape Diggers back in 2003, was Flower Festival. It was recorded on a budget of nothing using basic equipment and interspursed with samples recorded at the Leeds Festival. The tracks are as follows:

  1. Square Moon
  2. Chasing Butterflies
  3. Flower Festival
  4. Hood Without A Jacket
  5. Peppermint John
  6. The New Chairman
  7. Poppers
  8. Wet Day
  9. Pallad
  10. Pies Freddy Piesler
  11. Banana Trousers
  12. CheeseWee
I've uploaded it to Last.Fm and it's available for free so download that bastard.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Audio Jam #1

Audio Jam #1. (30 Minutes)It's a brand new Jam here recorded on the 12th June 2007. No visuals here, but much better sound quality than before. It's also our first recorded Jam with Callum Whitelegs on JEMBE. This session differs quite a bit from the others because, rather than play through a bunch of songs that we've practiced to a certain degree of tightness, we just let it flow and got lost in them letting things get a bit experimental and post-rockish.

Tracklistable: (sort of) Travelling Mind, Cock Fest, Sleepy Song, Magical Announcer, Instrumental, Square Moon with bits of a Cyber-Craig type song scattered about.

Have a listen using one of the following links (fixed!):

link 1
link 2