Thursday, 28 January 2010


Grape Digging Sharon Fruits - Grappling Head Songs (2010)

Here is our new album. It is free.

  1. Brick Challenge
  2. Pocket Thief
  3. Long Time Dead
  4. Mother's Pies
  5. Rickety Bones
  6. Can Be Gone
  7. Messy Bones
  8. Peace Of Mind
  9. This Warm Stage
  10. Tactical
  11. Slapstick Crime Routine
  12. Pear Tree
  13. Break My Stride
  14. Bloody Nose

The players:
Christian Pickup
David Firth
Jimi Hollis
Callum Whiteley

And appearing via samples:
Adam France
Aussie James
Finbar Mallon
Stuart Pyper


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

just got the new album this morning and listened to it. excellent stuff, david! kudos other good snacks and all that stuff to you and the band! one thing, though... you should put all your music up on, so then it'd be easier to get and people can get cd-quality if they want that way. it'd be cool to see all the locust toybox and grape digging sharon fruits and all the other music you and everyone's done, all released on something like a "fat-pie records" page on the bandcamp site...

yep, great record here, but yeah, maybe see about making a page on bandcamp for your music.

lior said...

the best one so far in my opinion :)!

Gratis said...

GREAT(!) Album...

You guys get better every Year.
All the different Styles you guys used back then, seem to melt into one big Piece of Awesome now.
(Sometimes a bit like if the Beatles had a Child with "I'm the Manager".)

Looking forward to seeing you folks getting famous and all that Stuff.

Greetings from Germany and a big THANK YOU for your Music!

*Walking off to the sound of Messy Bones*

breenstick said...

its fuckin buzzin lads !!!