Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Flower Festival whole album for download.

The first proper recording we did as the Grape Diggers back in 2003, was Flower Festival. It was recorded on a budget of nothing using basic equipment and interspursed with samples recorded at the Leeds Festival. The tracks are as follows:

  1. Square Moon
  2. Chasing Butterflies
  3. Flower Festival
  4. Hood Without A Jacket
  5. Peppermint John
  6. The New Chairman
  7. Poppers
  8. Wet Day
  9. Pallad
  10. Pies Freddy Piesler
  11. Banana Trousers
  12. CheeseWee
I've uploaded it to Last.Fm and it's available for free so download that bastard.


&Lolie said...

Hello Guys!
I am Lolie, from Argentina and I have 16 years old. For days I was trying to send this message u_u. I have found the letter of "Travelling Mind", Yeaaaa XD! I am so stupid, know it! O.o In end(purpose), I have left messages in all the places that I have found! I have sent a mail toy you David! Because simply I adore your music, and I would like to obtain the letter of "Peppermint John".

Oh and David, I adore your cartoons, I believe that I have become addicted to them, Oh God o.o.
I love you David n_n.

Luck Guys!, I hope that you come to Argentina some day, to play!

Broadening Horizons said...

Holy crap! How did I miss the download for so long?

Just saw the link on your MySpace page.

I have all the Locust Toybox and am very impressed with the genre flip that is the Grape Diggers! You can feel the vibe of talented musicians working towards the goal of making interesting, quality music. Very much appreciated among the fakers and fucks.

Have watched the rehearsals over and over again. Glad you post them.

Will be listening to the album often.


Brother Rabbit